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five things about me

I got invited to this … eclectic thing by a good friend of mine on instagram. I think I did something like this at some point last year, where you say five things about yourself that you wouldn’t mind anyone else knowing. I don’t say much of anything as it is, so I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal. And with that said, here are five things I’ll share with you all:

1. I have a strange obsession with traffic lights, to the point where, if I’m driving (which is something I rarely do) and get stopped by a red light, sometimes I’ll end up staring at the signal for a few long seconds even after it turns green, especially when it rains … I just think the colors are really a sight to see.

2. I am a seeker by nature, ever since I was a kid. And I question everything that does not make sense to me. This, to me, is why I always found places like church - especially where I grew up - to be a place that was always uncomfortable and flat-out boring to me.

3. I’m fascinated by the mind and all things metaphysical with the exception of black magic. (I still research it and read up on similar aspects because I think it’s important to be knowledgeable on the yin and yang of all things, but I know for sure how much it can ruin your life, so I’m definitely not stupid enough to go tampering with it). I’m also psychic to a certain degree at this point in time, but my abilities are still raw since I haven’t found a way to properly train myself. As a person who’s over-thinking a lot, it can be a pain.

4. I enjoy having dreams at night because they allow me to experience true freedom, and they can be exceptionally fun when I become conscious that I’m actually dreaming; because of this, if I don’t give into fear and force the dreamscape to collapse, I can do things that would otherwise seem impossible on the physical plane (or the real world), such as flying upside down over New York City, fading through walls, or riding a bike in the woods on some lonely road where the seasons change every five minutes. It’s a skill that I’m currently developing and I will be quite glad when I fully master it.

5. I tried going into the military after high school but I got rejected because I nearly lost an eye as a child. For years I thought I was dealt a bad hand and blamed my older brother for it, but now that I look back, in a sense, I think he did me a huge favor without even knowing … I believe the event is proof that there’s always a positive side to everything.

And since I wrote this much, as a bonus, I’ll add four more facts:

a) I once brought a pair of barbershop clippers to school because this girl kept making fun of me in class for being quiet. I was going to cut as much of her hair off as I could while she slept in class.

b) I fully intend to leave the United States for good as soon as I get the chance and end up settling somewhere else far away. I don’t feel very good about this country’s future (the world included, actually) and it’s part of the reason why I’m glad I don’t have any kids. And while I know that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, I’d rather be elsewhere than getting caught up into something much worse. Besides, seeing the rest of the world is something I’d like to continue doing anyway.

c) I was born on the last day of September, so it’s probably why I always wait until the last minute to do nearly everything … Maybe it’s a Libra thing after all ~*

d) I love piano music and it’s my favorite instrument, and someday I wish I will be able to learn how to play it effortlessly.

The Messy Dream

There was this strange dream I had about two days ago. Bunch of weird stuff that was … well, weird. And two different events took place; I remember them both.

In the first one, I was in a quiet room laying across my bed, either reading or staring up at the ceiling. Suddenly, an old man just walks into my room unexpectedly and turns the lights on, so I get up slowly and reach for my dark glasses on the nearby dresser only to accidentally knock them on the carpet. I sucked my teeth as I picked them up and then, after wiping off some dust with my shirt, I put them on my face and looked at the old man. He was Caucasian, had tight tan Dickies pants on with some patterned t-shirt tucked in, and some old loafer shoes. He was balding too.

"What’s up, chief?" I said. "You need help with anything?"

"No," the old man replied. "I used the bathroom upstairs a few seconds ago - had some trouble with the toilet but I fixed it. Now I’m just hearing a lot of water for some reason and it’s coming from this room."

Which was funny, because just AFTER he said something about water I began hearing it run from somewhere in the room. So as I sat back on the bed scratching my chin a bit, the old man started walking around the room slowly, checking through everything. I realized that I didn’t care though, because it wasn’t like I owned a ton of possessions anyway. That part of life was over.

After three minutes of searching, the old man stops at the other side of the room where the other bed was, and starts to move the bed himself. I sighed, then I got up slowly from the bed and walked over to try and help. But as soon as I got over there he was already done moving the bed a few feet over. To my surprise, there was a big silver pipe that was running near the baseboard of the floor. This made me look at the old man and say: “So when did this thing get here?”

"It was always here," he answered, almost in a trance-like state. His voice had grown light to the point of a whisper. "I need to fix it, make it stop. Help me pull it out the wall."

"For what?" I asked, slightly outraged. "If we do that you’ll mess the whole the place up. It’s too dark and busted up to clean up anything!"

"Well, maybe if you took them damn glasses off you’d be able to see better. It ain’t no sun in here, boy."

"Look, man, just leave the pi—"

But the old man was already reaching down on the pipe, and almost as soon as he touched it, the whole thing came out the wall and started pouring a bunch of shitty, watery waste all over the carpet floor. I flew to the door in two strides alone and turned back to see the old man. To my disgust, he was INTENTIONALLY pulling the pipe across the whole room and letting the crap water pour onto the floor. The smell was out of this world. He looked at me. “Could you give me a hand with this?”

My face grew blank … and all I could do was stare.


Black Hole Powered Jets Plow Into Galaxy

This composite image of a galaxy illustrates how the intense gravity of a supermassive black hole can be tapped to generate immense power. The image contains X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), optical light obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope (gold) and radio waves from the NSF’s Very Large Array (pink).

This multi-wavelength view shows 4C+29.30, a galaxy located some 850 million light years from Earth. The radio emission comes from two jets of particles that are speeding at millions of miles per hour away from a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. The estimated mass of the black hole is about 100 million times the mass of our Sun. The ends of the jets show larger areas of radio emission located outside the galaxy.

The X-ray data show a different aspect of this galaxy, tracing the location of hot gas. The bright X-rays in the center of the image mark a pool of million-degree gas around the black hole. Some of this material may eventually be consumed by the black hole, and the magnetized, whirlpool of gas near the black hole could in turn, trigger more output to the radio jet.

Most of the low-energy X-rays from the vicinity of the black hole are absorbed by dust and gas, probably in the shape of a giant doughnut around the black hole. This doughnut, or torus blocks all the optical light produced near the black hole, so astronomers refer to this type of source as a hidden or buried black hole. The optical light seen in the image is from the stars in the galaxy.

Watery Grave

It was a torrential downpour taking place outside, a continuity that spanned over the last three days with no signs of slowing down. Everyone else was huddled up in the living room watching the news, or whatever was left of it. Some of the anchors had simply disappeared from the set while others chose to stay behind. Why, I wondered, if everything was turned to shit? Wouldn’t it be better to get out while you still had a chance? But then I realized that maybe they felt the same way I did. Maybe they, too, realized that there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

Things got a bit blurry, perception going up and down, fast and slow, like being played with a remote control. People disappearing out of the living room one by one; some soundlessly arguing with each other while others ran out into the downpour and vanishing altogether. No sounds from anything happening inside the house — all I could hear was the sound of rain.

I suddenly appeared out in the downpour, in the backyard of the house, with my Mom. I looked down to the ground and saw that we both stood in green grass that, surprisingly enough, wasn’t even flooded with water. There was a vast mountain range that appeared in the background, too, as the rain and thick fog began to dissipate all of a sudden. Sound was returning but things got so still … as if everything were paused.

I turned and look to my Mom, who was crying. I didn’t say anything. No point in telling lies for comfort. The truth was best.

So in the stillness, I looked back to that far edge of the sky … where the mountaintops seemed to tickle the belly of cloud. In the stillness I began to hear a deep rushing sound as I saw a staggering amount of water gushing over the mountains. At first it started off slowly but then it began to pick up, to increase. I could feel the strength of the waves as the ground beneath me began to tremble. The glass in the house was audible now, people beginning to scream.

I gave my Mom a hug and told her goodbye, then I began to walk in the direction of the water. Winds picked up and got stronger, the trembling in the earth more violent.

I couldn’t see the mountains anymore … I could only see water.

A wall of water so high, so black, so dementing … that it literally brought my heart to a stop.

And then I didn’t have to suffer anymore.

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